Copy of Our Quality


We have a hunch that we’re just like you - We love watches - and we love to wear them well. 

For people like us, their purpose is to make a statement - not only about time, but about who we are - and even how we feel.  Design, colour, form, function and context are concepts that fascinate us, and the realisation that we can control and vary the interaction of those elements really excites us.  We want things to be done our way, because no matter what we’re presented with by others, there’s always a new twist or enhancement* that we can imagine to make things that little bit better. 

That’s what led us to create our own range of watch straps and accessories - and to set up a new destination that we’re confident will become the world’s wrist watching capital.  Our top quality products offer such great value for money that many customers choose to buy several items at a time so that they always have options.... different day - different strap!
We know what you want - often before you do. That’s cool & that’s our strength.